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Learn more about us, shea butter and the women who make it, get tips on business and sustainability and more.

Baraka Shea Butter is committed to providing news and information that will help our customers grow, learn and succeed.

In the Baraka Newsroom, you can access all of our newsletters, reports, blogs, recipes, press releases and videos to keep up with everything happening at Baraka. You can also visit our social wall or the social sites below for additional content.

Whether you want to know more about shea butter and the women and communities who make it, understand our approach to business, find tips on using shea butter, understand what drives our thinking and approach to social responsibility and sustainability this will take you to the CSR Training Institute’s Resource Centre and writings and videos on social responsibility from our Founder, Wayne Dunnor more, we hope you can find it here. If you don’t, please email us, and we will help you find the information you need.

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Baraka Videos

View videos showing how Baraka makes an impact in the community and helps the women who make our shea butter. You can also access our YouTube Channel for more videos.+ See More

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Read the latest edition and past issues of our newsletter to learn more about what Baraka is doing, get tips and strategies, and material to help grow your business.+ See More

Baraka Press

in the media

Stay updated on the latest Baraka news and happenings.+ See More

Baraka Blog

Baraka Blog

Information, insights, stories and more to keep you connected to Baraka, the women who make our shea butter and the community we serve.+ See More

Shea butter recipes

Shea Butter Recipes

A collection of recipes to teach you how to use Baraka Shea Butter in your own amazing DIY products. Browse, download, use and share!+ See More

Baraka FAQ

Baraka FAQs

Helpful answers to some of the questions we are asked the most about the Baraka Shea Butter product and business.+ See More

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