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Featured … from our hands… Uhuru Botanicals

[POSTED ON: 11th February 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Uhuru Botanicals .

Uhuru means “Freedom” in the Kenyan dialect of Swahili. Uhuru Botanicals is a brand born out of a need to provide natural, affordable skincare products for women with melanin rich skin.

When Neo, Uhuru Botaniclas founder decided to create and sell natural skincare products, she found it challenging to work full time, be there for her children and run her business (this sounds familiar to many of us, doesn’t it?). However, through experience, she has learned to approach obstacles and challenges as the things that she either has to navigate through or around in order to move forward.

Featured today are their Arabica Coffee Scrub and African Black Soap face wash.

If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We love to feature your beautiful creations and learn about your business. We can all learn and be inspired by one another! If you’re interested, please fill out our simply and fast form and let us do the rest! Fill out form here.

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