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The Women of Kperisi, Ghana

[POSTED ON: 6th May 2014]

I just read my first blog post. Maybe I came out of it with my foot in my mouth? Or close? So much of what Baraka Supplies does and is about has to do with women and families and communities. And yet when I look at my first blog post, the pictures were about me and men! Oops!

This time I’ll share a bit about the community and the women of Kperisi Ghana.

Kperisi is a village just outside of Wa in northern Ghana. Kperisi, along with Takpo, are the two main communities and women’s groups that we work with for Shea Butter.

Feel free to see a map of Kperisi Ghana so you get a better idea of its location.

Let’s start with a better photo of the Kperisi Na’s Palace and people of the community (Na means Chief in many northern Ghana languages). A picture that I’m not in!
The photo shows some of the Women’s group with the Chief, other elders and leaders and, of course, the children.
This was taken shortly after a project to restore the Chief’s Palace, a project that Baraka Supplies was pleased to support both financially and in-kind.

Below is a photo from inside the Palace. Amina Yusuf (back to the photo on the right) is meeting with some of the Kperisi Women’s group discussing income generation opportunities.
Amina is an incredible lady. Trained in micro-business economics and finance she has an incredible inventory of traditional knowledge and know-how and an amazing way of working with women and groups.
She is from Wa and was ‘discovered’ by some volunteers we had placed in Takpo (the other village we work with in the area) and we financed her to work with the Takpo Widow’s group to help them develop alternative income generating opportunities.
When we started working with Kperisi (about 2010) the first thing we did when we met with the women was to ask them if they would be interested in meeting Amina. The photo below is one of the early planning and getting to know each other meetings.
More on some of Amina’s work with the women in future blog posts.

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