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Social Good and Family Life

[POSTED ON: 6th June 2014]

At Baraka Supplies, we believe in social good.
If we all work together,
we can help one another and everyone will benefit.

In the past month, one of our co-founders at Baraka Supplies, Wayne Dunn has flown 50,000 miles, has crossed 50+ times zones, spent 7 nights on air planes, and worked long hours every day!

BUT all for social good!

Wayne was in Ghana advising the government on the development of a National CSR Policy. From there, he continued on through South Africa to Bali (advance work for an Executive program on CSR Strategy and Management that he is running there in November). On he travelled to Jakarta to address the Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce to give a keynote on CSR and Wayne’s perspective on Shared Value. While there, he visited some CSR projects and attended many meetings.

Of course, family life always takes priority so in the middle of his trip, he flew back home to Vancouver Island to visit his family and to take his son to Tofino surfing. What a great Dad!

After a visit with his family, he headed back to Ghana for more work on the CSR Policy. While in Ghana, he began organizing the next shipment of Shea Butter and helped with an ongoing development project. Baraka is assisting one of its Shea Butter clients to put school uniforms on all the children in a village (260 of them). Uniforms are part of school in Ghana.

Then off he went to Winnipeg where he is on the Board of the University of Winnipeg’s Masters in Development Practice in Indigenous Development and on the President’s Advisory Circle (Board Meetings and Convocation). What great timing this was because Wayne was able to stay in Winnipeg for his son’s hockey tournament! He stopped in Saskatchewan to lift nets and hang out with his 86 year old father and other family members.

Wayne’s travel has provided him with so many wonderful opportunities to connect with others and to engage in conversations that will lead to social good around the world.

Wayne’s work is all about helping to improve the place where business meets society, helping to create social good but also finding ways that he can make a living to support himself and his family.

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