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Sell More, Give More and Impact More

[POSTED ON: 9th October 2019]

Here is a simple strategy to help you sell more products and have happier customers as we enter the Christmas selling season.

Let your customers know that when they buy your products made with Baraka Shea Butter they are Giving the Gift of Dignified Income to hard-working women in northern Ghana.

They already know that when they buy from you they are getting fantastic, hand-made products that are good for their skin and good for the environment.  

Let them know that, whether they are buying them to use themselves, or to give as gifts, every purchase they make has a direct impact on women, families and communities in Northern Ghana.

When you let your customers know about they impact they make when they buy your products they will be motivated to buy more, and to tell their friends and customers about the difference they are making.  Especially as we head into the Christmas season

Let them know the care you take in sourcing your ingredients and how the shea butter you use comes directly from the hands of the women who make it.  Let them know that not only does their purchase give these women the Gift of Dignified Income, but that we also actively support education, development, environment and community projects in the communities where Baraka Shea Butter originates.

You will find regular posts on Facebook about this (feel free to share) and we maintain a library of videos, images and resources on our website that you can download and use.  

There are links to some below and you are guaranteed to find more as you explore the Baraka Shea Butter website, especially our sections on Videos, Blogs, the section on how we work with the women and communities and the section talking about Baraka’s Purpose, Mission and Values.

Give the gift of knowledge. Educate your audience on all things shea butter. See our Newsroom and downloadable customer resources, all free for you to use. Some more videos you may like: The Baraka Shea Butter process (3 minutes, longer version), my livestream on Traceability.

Learn a project we just developed, the Tabiasi Women’s Enterprise Centre – and how we created the women’s enterprise centre in a way that maximized local impact and ownership and minimized environmental impact. 

Let your customers know who exactly is making your shea butter?

All Baraka Shea Butter is handcrafted by real women in remote, rural communities in northern Ghana – it never sees the inside of a factory. Want to see who those amazing women are? Just click here. And some more photos of shea butter and the women right here. 

You can easily download and share most of them.  If you run into any problems, Contact us directly – (and you will hear back within 1 business day) and let me know how I can help.

I hope this information is helpful.  Please do let us know if it is, and let us know other ways we can help and support you as you make your amazing products and share them with the world.


Co-founder of Baraka

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2 thoughts on “Sell More, Give More and Impact More

  1. Impressed by the idea of fair trade. Was trying to make my initial purchase but was deterred by the expensive shipping and handling. Hope Baraka could partner with other courier companies to obtain a more affordable shipping rate deals.

    1. Hi and thanks for your message. We would love to reduce shipping costs and work hard try and do that. We have a Standard Shipping Flat Rate for North America that is highly subsidized.

      You are more than welcome to arrange your own shipping and we can just leave it out for your shipping company to pick it up.

      Please let us know any other way we might be able to help


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