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School supplies for Kperisi

[POSTED ON: 12th November 2014]

Yesterday I was in the Staples Store in Duncan, BC, near where I live and I saw they had a sale on backpacks and pens.  Actually it was a discount bin full of them.

The management at the local Staples has always been really supportive of our efforts to support children and education in Ghana so I approached them about their bin of backpacks and pens.  They had everything marked down 50% and ended up giving me another 50% off of that so now I have a large suitcase full of Pens and backpacks to take to Ghana with me when I go on Thursday.

These are so great to take to the communities.  The pens get distributed to the students directly and the teachers keep the backpacks for incentives and prizes.  I always check to see if the teacher may need a backpack themselves and often they do.

It is always such a great excitement when I have the chance to go to Kperisi or Takpo or some of the other villages.  It helps me to realize how lucky we are in so many ways, and also how wonderful everyone is and the joy and caring that is shared universally.

On this trip I won’t get to the north to the villages so these supplies will either wait for another trip or for when I have a chance to send them up to Northern Ghana with someone else.

The picture above is in our warehouse/shop where we store Baraka Shea Butter and baskets.  I thought it would be neat to get a picture of some of the pens and backpacks before they left as I may not be with them to get pictures when they are distributed.

A special thanks to Staples in Duncan, BC and also to all Baraka Supplies customers. Without you buying Baraka Shea Butter and Bolga Baskets I would not get the fun and joy and privilege of helping to support youth and education.

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