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Naturally Diminish Stretch Marks with Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 31st May 2018]

Stretch marks. Whether you are a teenager who grew five inches in a summer or a mama-to-be in her last trimester of pregnancy, you may wind up finding a few on your stomach, legs, or back. While they aren’t harmful to your health, many people will seek out treatments to diminish or get rid of them altogether.

So, you may be wondering … what exactly are stretch marks? These markings occur when skin is stretched too quickly, usually during or after puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain.

There are a few treatment options for these lines and indentations, ranging from lasers to tretinoin (retina-a) creams to dermatological surgery. But what about taking a more natural and less invasive route?

Shea Butter. Shea Butter has been known to help diminish and alleviate dozens of skin issues including stretch marks. It is packed with vitamin A and E, which increases skin’s elasticity and collagen reproduction (um, yes to anti-aging!!).

Remember Victoria Secret model, Marisa Miller? She posed nude 3 months after giving birth with a stretch mark free stomach. She credits Shea Butter as one of her secrets to a fabulous post-baby body. Specifically, the new mom rubbed Shea Butter, plantain ash, and vitamin E on her stomach daily to prevent any fine lines or marks from appearing. Voila!

What about if you already have stretch marks? Don’t worry! Applying our high quality Baraka Shea Butter 2-3 times per day can help reduce them over time and prevent new ones from occurring. Mix with vitamin E oil or apply alone for soft, supple, and nourished skin.

Still not convinced? We highly recommend that you give this effective and natural stretch mark treatment option a try!

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