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Featured Shea Butter Expert: Moon Lily

[POSTED ON: 19th January 2015]

Name: Jasmine

Company:  Moon Lily

State/Province:  Alberta


Jasmine from Moon Lily creates the following products with our Baraka Shea:

  • Soaps
  • Ointments
  • balms
  • butters
  • salves
  • Skin care products

Moon Lily sells a skin care line for pregnant mama’s and babies, to help them get away from all the store bought chemicals, and keep their sensitive skin natural, just as nature intended. Right from Day ONE, Shea Butter has been a key ingredient in their baby skin care line due to its nourishing properties.

Jasmine from Moon Lily shares her thoughts on Baraka Shea Butter: “I have nothing but gratitude for the women who make this Shea Butter, I will never take that hard work for granted! They’ve afforded us an amazing opportunity, being able to work with this product straight from nature.”

Jasmine’s expertise as a Doula has enabled her to create a beautiful, natural and nourishing skin care line for Moms and Babies using products directly from nature that have healing qualities.

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