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Featured … from our hands … Flora & Pomona

[POSTED ON: 13th May 2019]
Flora & Pomona

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Flora & Pomona.

For Corneila, it all started with some beeswax that she was melting for an art project. She added some olive oil to the remaining wax and she discovered that she had made balm! This simple transformation had her hooked, and she quickly started playing with formulations: adding shea butter to a balm was the first thing she did. A few months later she had started making soap and she hasn’t looked back since.

When Cornelia was looking for a business name, she asked herself what inspired her the most and the answer was the raw ingredients: Flora is the goddess of flowers and Pomona is the goddess of the orchard, their fruits and harvests.

Cornelia’s #1 tip to other skincare product creators, small business owners, diyers: Make products you want to use yourself.

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