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FAQs About Baraka’s Kombo Butter

[POSTED ON: 9th June 2021]
Baraka Kombo Butter in glass jar

What is the texture of kombo butter like?

Kombo butter has a thick, buttery texture that easily absorbs into the skin. It can seem a little grainy at first but it melts into the skin if applying it directly. We recommend melting it to use in product formulations for a smoother finish.

What are the benefits of kombo butter?

Some of our favourite benefits of kombo butter include:

● High in myristoleic acid to help with muscle and joint pain
● Anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic to fight acne and heal wounds/burns
● Easily absorbed by the skin
● Antioxidant and anti-allergenic properties
● Soothes dry or irritated skin

Not only does kombo butter have amazing pain relief properties, but the kombo tree helps to support ecosystem diversity and conservation.

Baraka has partnered with Ghana’s Nature Conservation Research Centre to begin the process of commercializing kombo butter. We want to make it available to the global market in a way that maximizes social, economic and environmental impact in the communities where it is sourced. You can learn more about the partnership here.

How do I use kombo butter?

Kombo butter can be used directly or with essential oils and other butters. It works great in balms, butters, soaps and more. Check out some recipes featuring kombo butter here.

How do I store kombo butter?

We recommend storing your kombo butter in the original packaging (resealed with a clip), or an airtight container. Try to keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How long does kombo butter last?

Our kombo butter is good for at least 18 months from when you receive your order.

Where does kombo butter come from?

It comes from the seeds of the tropical West African tree, “Pycnanthus angolensis” also known as “African nutmeg”. The trees grow naturally in the cocoa forests, providing shade and diversity to the cocoa crops. Kombo nuts are also starting to provide additional income to the hard-working women of the cocoa forest communities.

Learn more about the kombo tree and its fruits in this video.

Kombo Nuts

How is kombo butter made?

Kombo butter is made by releasing the natural oils that occur in the kombo nut (seed). The seed is at the centre of a small fruit that grows high up in the kombo tree. The fallen fruit is picked up and the inside of it is dried.

Through a traditional process of roasting, grinding, applying heat and pressing, the oil is released and allowed to cool and form kombo butter.

What does kombo butter smell like?

Kombo butter has a distinctive earthy scent. You might also be able to detect fruity and nutty undertones.

I have a different question…

Feel free to send us an email at if we haven’t answered your question above, or you want more information about kombo butter.

The Baraka Clan Facebook Group is also a great place to ask questions about product formulations and share photos of your creations.

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