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Colours of Baraka Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 10th October 2018]

Shea Butter ranges in colour from gray/white through to buttery yellow. The properties of the shea butter are not affected by colouration.

The colours are caused by several factors; the mineral content of the soil where the shea tree it came from grows, the time of the crop (seeds from early shea fruit seem to produce more yellowish coloured shea butter than fruit from later in the season), the climate during the hear (rains, heat, etc.).

You can rest assured that no matter the colour it will work well for whatever products you are making.

If someone promises and consistently gives you a very yellow shea butter you may want to have it tested. For some reason many think buttery yellow means better shea butter (It does look better – I like the look of it). So, some unscrupulous producers have taken to adding a yellow dye to their shea butter to make it more yellow and so it looks better when customers open packages.

With Baraka Shea Butter you will never get that. You will always get fresh, pure, hand-crafted, unrefined shea butter in its natural colour and full of its natural goodness.

Age will affect colour but it tends to turn shea butter very white and is accompanied by a rancid smell. Baraka Shea Butter is basically produced to order for each container so anything we ship will have a minimum of 18 months of shelf life.

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