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Baraka’ing Through Summer

[POSTED ON: 1st August 2018]

Wandering through summer information about our efforts to help our customers sell more, do more and impact more.

I’m excited about the impact we (all of us, you too) are having as we build a business and value-chain that has positive impact from the women who make Baraka Shea Butter, those of you who make incredible products with it, and your customers, who benefit for your creations and the amazing healing and restorative qualities of unrefined Shea Butter.

If you want to know more about the impact in the community, listen to Zenabu Imoru and the Kperisi Chief as they discuss Baraka in the community

This month I have been in North America, mostly Canada except for a jaunt to New York/Boston for my son’s hockey and to connect with Baraka users there.

It’s been exciting as I am putting the finishing touches on a Baraka Inside program to help those of you that use Baraka Shea Butter in your products to let your customers know more about the care you take in sourcing ingredients.  Watch for more coming soon.

We have been encouraged to do this by many of you.  Asking us for material to share.  Posting amazing things, telling your customers and community how proud you are of the impact that your products and your business are having.  From those of you who use 5-10kg/year to large customers like Rocky Mountain Soaps (see what they have to say here) we believe that the authentic community connection and impact of Baraka Shea Butter makes a difference.

We want to help you to sell more and do more.  That will help our business (we must make a living too) and will have a huge impact in Kperisi as we are able to buy more and leave more money in the community.  Watch for a new newsletter and Facebook Group that will discuss marketing products made from Baraka Shea Butter and provide posts, videos and resources that you can use.  We welcome feedback – your input will help us to make it better and more useful for you.

We are also putting the finishing touches on a tour we hope to organize to give any that want to come the opportunity to visit Ghana, make your own Baraka Shea Butter, participate in a traditional community celebration and see first-hand the impact your purchases make.  Sign up here if you want more information when it is released.  We are looking at about eight days in Ghana in late February 2019.

Thanks for being part of the Baraka Community and supporting the impact we all have, all the way along the value chain.

~ Wayne Dunn, Baraka Shea Butter Co-Founder

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