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Baraka: The Bridge that Connects

[POSTED ON: 4th August 2020]

Baraka is privileged to be the bridge that connects the production of hard-working Ghanaian women to the amazing products you make with their oils and butters and, through you, to your customers and family who use your products

We have intentionally created a supply chain with impact, impact that stretches from hard-working women in rural Ghana to your customers who benefit from the incredible products you make.

Baraka is not a charity bridge. 

We can only be the bridge that facilitates impact if we are profitable too.  For me it is important to be explicit about that. 

Ours is a business model that values people and impact, one that makes direct impact connections that stretch from rural villages in Ghana through to you and to your customers around the world.

To learn more about some of the impacts check out these posts and videos:

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Coconut Oil:   Food Security and Ecosystem Interview

Kombo Butter:  Ecosystem & Economic Impact  and  Ecosystem and Economic Impact Livestream

Baskets:  Chat with Basket Weavers and Women’s Group Support Fund  

Palm Oils:  Sustainable Palm Oil Impact Interview

Thank you all so much for your feedback and comments on the quality of Baraka Butters and Oils.

The credit for the quality goes to the hard-working women who create them using techniques and traditions passed down through generations.  Through the products you make, and the purchases your customers make, you reward their work. They have the dignity of income that lets them educate their children and support their families.

They don’t ask for charity, just for the opportunity to contribute and be rewarded for it – and your purchases give that to them.  Every time you purchase the butters and oils they make, every product you make from them, every time your customers buy one, you have an impact that stretches into rural communities in Ghana.  An impact that affects women, families and communities and helps to open a brighter future for their children.

Thank you for being part of this and for enabling Baraka to be the bridge that connects people, impact and value.

Take good care.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy and let us know any way we can support you.


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