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Baraka Featured Customer….Brightside Soaps

[POSTED ON: 23rd October 2014]

Name:Kelly Smith

Company:Brightside Soaps



Twitter: @brightsidesoaps


Kelly from Brightside Soaps creates the following with Baraka Shea Butter:

  • Soaps
  • Creams
  • Skin care products

Her favourite thing about Baraka Shea Butter is the smell.

Kelly says, “Not any one thing, I love the smell of it, I make a soap that the majority oil/butter is shea, 26%! But shea ends up in most of my products., just because I know it’s so awesome.  It has always been a key ingredient for me, having your shea now is the real treat!

I honestly think of the women (who make the Shea) every time I use it, knowing that human hands worked very hard to produce this shea, and I’m proud to tell my customers where it came from. I will never use anything else now, and certainly never refined shea again.”

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