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5 Ways to Use Baobab Powder

[POSTED ON: 7th March 2021]

Baobab powder has quickly become a sought-after superfood. Derived from the majestic baobab trees that are native to northern Ghana, the fruit dries naturally on the branches. 

Baobab trees in Ghana

After drying for six months in the hot African sun, all of the moisture is removed from the fruit and the shell becomes hard.

Our baobab powder is traditionally harvested by:

  1. Cracking open the shell
  2. Breaking up the fruit
  3. Removing the seeds and shaking it through a fine sieve to remove the larger fibres
  4. All the natural goodness is left and ready to use

Baobab has the highest antioxidant levels of any known fruit. It has slow energy release and high levels of vitamin C. Finding fresh baobab fruit can be difficult, even in Ghana, so using baobab powder is an easy way to take advantage of its nutritional benefits.

Baobab Powder

With a naturally sweet and tangy taste, baobab powder can be incorporated into food and drink. Here’s how we like to get a boost with baobab powder:

1. Add to Water

The simplest way to get the benefits of baobab powder is to add one tablespoon to a glass of water. Stay hydrated and increase your antioxidant and vitamin C intake in one simple step. 

2. Bake with Baobab

Bread, muffins, cookies… there’s lots of ways you can bake with baobab. Some research also suggests that when baobab is added to food, it can reduce starch digestion and slow blood sugar level rise.

Baobab Muffins

3. Create a Dip

The tangy taste of baobab powder works great in this Red Pepper Chilli Mayo Recipe. Plus, your chips and dip just became a little better for your health. 

4. Mix into a Smoothie

The natural citrus taste of baobab powder makes it a great addition to a smoothie. It is also very high in fibre; one tablespoon of baobab powder can provide up to 18% of your recommended fibre

Try this delicious Coconut & Banana Smoothie Recipe to help boost your immune system.

5. Baobab Face Mask

Baobab powder is packed with antioxidants so it has great benefits for your skin, even if not ingested. These can help to increase cell turnover, leading to smoother, younger looking skin. 

Try this recipe for a Superfood Face Mask.

We hope this blog has given you some ideas on how to incorporate baobab powder into your daily life. Like all Baraka products, our baobab powder is pure, natural, unrefined and 100% handmade by hard-working women in Ghana. 

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use Baobab Powder

  1. I am interested in some more products.I do not have a charge card. Mine was scammed and I won’t go there again. I have a friend, Bernadette, that told me about your shea butter and we ordered some together. I love this! I no longer work, but love making my own products for my use and I give as gratitude and gifts.I will be asking Bernadette to order some of the boabab powder to see if that works for me. Have been having some digestion issues for too long. Praying this will be what I have been looking for. Thank you so very much for helping all. Bless you! Linda Herd Hicks

    1. Hello Linda,
      I hope that the baobab powder will work well for the digestion issues you have been having. Baobab powder is full of antioxidants and vitamin c. It has also became one of the most sought out superfoods. If you have not already seen them make sure to check out the recipes we have available for ways to use baobab powder. You can find these at simply type in baobab powder recipes on the search bar. Please let us know how the baobab powder worked for you, best of luck!

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