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FAQs About Baraka’s Kombo Butter

[POSTED ON: 9th June 2021]

What is the texture of kombo butter like? Kombo butter has a thick, buttery texture that easily absorbs into the skin. It can seem a little grainy at first but it melts into the skin if applying it directly. We recommend melting it to use in product formulations for a smoother finish. What are the benefits of kombo butter? Some… [read more]

10 Benefits of Baraka Black Soap

[POSTED ON: 10th May 2021]

African Black Soap has been used for centuries to keep skin and hair healthy. It is growing in popularity as more people around the world experience the results of its luxurious lather and restorative properties. Made from natural ingredients, our black soap has a wide range of benefits for your skin.  Anti-inflammatory Rich in vitamins A & E, black soap… [read more]

The Dignity of Income

[POSTED ON: 30th April 2021]

Hear from Gifty Serbeh-Dunn, our co-founder, about how Baraka started and its founding values. “Income not charity…” Those words and that theme, repeated frequently by women in communities where I grew up, really formed the foundation for Baraka. I left Ghana as a teenager to go to school in Canada. Whenever I went home, I would always try to bring… [read more]

Baraka Manifesto: Why Does Baraka Exist?

[POSTED ON: 19th March 2021]

This isn’t some artsy/fartsy, airy/fairy rhetorical question. It is critical. If I can’t answer it, then, to be frank, Baraka doesn’t have a reason to exist. Some may say that Baraka and other companies exist to make a profit. It isn’t so simple. Profit is critical, without it you have no fuel to let you fulfill your purpose – but… [read more]

COVID and Baraka Inventory

[POSTED ON: 11th March 2021]

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on shipping containers from Ghana to North America and, unfortunately, it has put us out of stock on some sizes of cocoa butter and coconut oil until about mid-April. Our apologies. We know you depend on us and we always want to be there for you.  Unfortunately, we were blindsided by delays in container shipping that started… [read more]

5 Ways to Use Baobab Powder

[POSTED ON: 7th March 2021]

Baobab powder has quickly become a sought-after superfood. Derived from the majestic baobab trees that are native to northern Ghana, the fruit dries naturally on the branches.  After drying for six months in the hot African sun, all of the moisture is removed from the fruit and the shell becomes hard. Our baobab powder is traditionally harvested by: Cracking open… [read more]

Shea Butter Shouldn’t Stink

[POSTED ON: 19th February 2021]

Stop Stinky Shea!  You don’t want shea butter with a horrible smell and neither do your customers.  Learn more… Do you really need chemically refined shea? Why does shea butter stink? Preventing stinky shea How Baraka ensures consistent AAA quality “Your shea butter smells nice”. I hear that so often. I run into many who have been using refined shea… [read more]

Know Your Shea

[POSTED ON: 17th February 2021]

Shea butter is seen by many as a miracle ingredient in soaps and skincare products, and it is. But it can be confusing too. There are a few ‘definitive’ classifications and grading systems, most developed by one group or another and lacking a generally accepted standardization. Many terms are used to describe shea butter and many who sell it don’t… [read more]

Baraka in 2020

[POSTED ON: 1st February 2021]

“Write a few words about what 2020 was like for Baraka”  My mind literally exploded when I was asked to do that. 2020 – What a year! For Baraka! For the hard-working women and families who produce Baraka Butters and Oils, for our customers and our community, our families and for this planet we call home. It is easy to focus… [read more]

Baraka: The Bridge that Connects

[POSTED ON: 4th August 2020]

Baraka is privileged to be the bridge that connects the production of hard-working Ghanaian women to the amazing products you make with their oils and butters and, through you, to your customers and family who use your products We have intentionally created a supply chain with impact, impact that stretches from hard-working women in rural Ghana to your customers who… [read more]

Why does Baraka carry Palm Oil?

[POSTED ON: 18th July 2020]

I’m often asked this question.  And I appreciate it.  It shows you care about where your ingredients come from and that is important.  We take a lot of pride in bringing products to you that have positive social and environmental impacts – and are thrilled that we have a customer base (and that our customers have a customer base) where… [read more]

Baraka Shea Butter creates income opportunities for Upper West women

[POSTED ON: 15th May 2020]

A GNA Feature by D.I. Laary, GNA GENESIS Wa, Oct 20, GNA – Baraka Shea Butter, a small business organisation operating in the Upper West Region, has created sustainable income opportunities for over 400 families and women groups in remote rural communities to improve their social and economic conditions.  In these communities, women are often the primary breadwinners for their… [read more]

Shea Forests Efficiently Sequester Carbon

[POSTED ON: 1st May 2020]

The shea butter industry not only has a positive impact on women and families throughout Ghana, and on your skin and hair when you use products made from it. The Shea Forest has proven to be very efficient at fixing carbon in the soil, helping to reduce global CO2 levels.  The Global Shea Alliance (of which Baraka is part) along… [read more]

4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Holiday Ready + Peppermint Skincare

[POSTED ON: 3rd December 2019]

Here are 4 ways to keep your skin holiday ready… during the holidays! With 2 awesome peppermint skincare recipes to get you started. The holidays are my favorite time of the year… but I also have noticed it can be the worst time of the year for my skin!  Late nights, greasy food, and hectic schedules definitely take its toll… [read more]

Sell More, Give More and Impact More

[POSTED ON: 9th October 2019]

Here is a simple strategy to help you sell more products and have happier customers as we enter the Christmas selling season. Let your customers know that when they buy your products made with Baraka Shea Butter they are Giving the Gift of Dignified Income to hard-working women in northern Ghana. They already know that when they buy from you… [read more]

Building the Perfect Night Skincare Routine

[POSTED ON: 14th September 2019]

After a long busy day, you might be tempted to just skip any form of skincare and simply rely on some beauty rest instead. However, you might want to think twice before heading straight to bed, as leading dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner stresses that your nighttime facial routine is more important than your morning regimen. Here’s why and how you should practice… [read more]

Scars No More, Thanks to Shea Butter!

[POSTED ON: 28th August 2019]

One of the most common ailments as a child (and even as an adult) is chicken pox. While it is a somewhat harmless virus (thanks to modern medicine), it can in fact have long-lasting effects… specifically, the scars it leaves behind. The biggest tip we can offer is don’t scratch or itch the rash. This can cause irritation, bleeding, and… [read more]

Healthy Skin Starts From Within!

[POSTED ON: 21st August 2019]

I have always been proud of my skin, I take very good care of it. Not only do I apply the right products and natural ingredients (like Baraka Shea Butter and Baraka Virgin Coconut Oil), but I also nourish my skin from the inside out. With a balanced diet, adequate nutrients and vitamins, and increased hydration, my skin glows and… [read more]

What’s That in My Shea?

[POSTED ON: 14th August 2019]

What’s that in my shea?  Don’t worry.  Baraka Shea Butter may occasionally have remnants of the Shea Nut solids or other foreign matter because of the traditional methods used for processing. This can be avoided through a mechanized process, using solvents to extract shea butter and ripping the economic impact from the women and communities and passing it off to… [read more]

8 Beauty Tips from Around the World

[POSTED ON: 12th August 2019]

The world is diverse and beautiful: Check out these beauty tips from around the world.  And share yours with us in the comments. Being half-Indian (my dad was born in New Delhi), I am well aware that my glowing skin comes from his side of the family. Growing up, I was told that turmeric would clear my acne and reduce… [read more]

How To Guide for Impacting Above Your Size

[POSTED ON: 7th August 2019]

You can have your impact and profit too! You want to support your community and society and you need your business to be profitable. Learn how… Note, this was originally published in Making Soap Magazine, July 2019 Community impact and operating with high social and environmental standards is ingrained in the hand-made soap and cosmetics sector. I think it comes… [read more]

5 Reasons to Use Baraka Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 10th July 2019]

Baraka Shea Butter Rocks!  Yes, we are totally biased, but see why we think you and your customers will benefit from using Baraka. Fair Trade All Baraka Shea Butter is community certified fair trade. Yes, you heard that right. This means we hold fairness to the highest of standards. The women who make Baraka meet annually to review their relationship… [read more]

Uses of Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 3rd July 2019]

Skincare, Haircare, Medicinal, Food, Personal Lubricant, Overall Health, Lantern Fuel and more.  Shea Butter has so many uses… We recently landed on one of our friend’s blogs (Shea Yeah) where she highlights the uses and benefits of shea butter. We loved it! We loved it SO much that it inspired us to write an updated post on the uses of… [read more]

Three Reasons to Shop Small Business

[POSTED ON: 19th June 2019]

Small businesses are all around us, but because of the big guys we may not have the awareness to realize it. I’m here to emphasize the importance of shopping small business whenever you get a chance… and here’s my top three reasons. Small businesses (especially those that are local) support cities, towns, and neighborhoods. These owners pay taxes to your… [read more]

…from our hands to yours… Wild for Nature

[POSTED ON: 10th June 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is the wonderful and talented DIYer, Katja Orel from Slovenia. You can find her over at Katja loves to make many creations using Shea Butter. She finds shea butter to be incredibly versatile and never fails to disappoint. She adds it to body butters, lip balms, hand creams, and hair masks. She… [read more]

Baraka Coconut Oil: The Origin Story!

[POSTED ON: 5th June 2019]

Community sourced, fair trade, organic, raw, virgin coconut oil. Direct from Ghana to you. IT’S THE RELATIONSHIP, NOT THE TRANSACTION For years I have been asked why we don’t carry other products. I didn’t really think about it before, but now that we are carrying coconut oil I realize what was holding me back. I didn’t know how to organize… [read more]

Impact Ventures: Featuring Baraka Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 3rd June 2019]

The world has changed. Impact Ventures have a competitive advantage that will continue to grow. Baraka is an Impact Venture that actively helps customer achieve this result. The path to profitability has shifted, rewarding those companies that strategically integrate social value, environmental stewardship and shareholder value in ways that create operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Businesses of all types face… [read more]

Incorporate Veggies Into Your Skincare

[POSTED ON: 29th May 2019]

‘Sit down and eat your veggies.  Your skin will be healthy and happy!’ That’s what my mom would always tell me.  Well, maybe she didn’t mention happy skin, but it is true – veggies are a great addition to DIY skincare.   Veggies aren’t just healthy to ingest? They are also incredibly powerful for your skin. I’ve gathered a few of… [read more]

7 Benefits of Lavender Oil

[POSTED ON: 21st May 2019]

Anyone who explores natural skincare has found that many recipes include lavendar. Lavender is truly the ultimate triple threat; an amazing scent, color, and essential oil (I’ve even had lavender ice cream and lavender coffee syrup, which tastes delicious). Why do I personally love lavendar essential oil? As someone who currently struggles with anxiety and stress, and has a history… [read more]

The Growing DIY Skincare Movement… Get On Board!

[POSTED ON: 8th May 2019]

Control and knowledge through DIY? YES!   Know what you are putting on your skin and why.  Avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce, and make an impact on Ghanaian mothers and communities at the same time.  And, have fun doing it. You may have noticed that the skincare movement is quickly shifting towards greater transparency. Men and women want to know exactly… [read more]

Unrefined and Raw Doesn’t Always Mean Pure

[POSTED ON: 7th May 2019]

Know your Shea Butter Better: Words are confusing…

Handcrafted and traditionally made. Those words will lead you to shea butter that has all the natural goodness and maximizes the benefits to the hardworking women who make it. Raw and unrefined can lead you to strange places in the shea butter world.

Did you know that raw and unrefined are often used to describe industrially processed and chemically extracted shea butter?

[read more]

Featured … from our hands … My Elite Naturals

[POSTED ON: 6th May 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is My Elite Naturals. Melissa, the founder, started making her own natural skin care products for herself and her family 3 years ago. She feels that if something cannot go in your body, it should not go on your body. On a trip to Ghana with her husband (who is Ghanaian), they visited… [read more]

Choosing the Right Scent for Your Creation

[POSTED ON: 1st May 2019]

Scents make sense and cents! It’s so true.  Scents sell a product. I am the kind of girl, who will smell a product before I actually place it on my skin. And personally, I am on the side of less is more. I like tamer fragrances, vanilla, peppermint, and lavender. What about you? Let’s talk more about scent. Scent is… [read more]

Featured … from our hands… Mannuskin

[POSTED ON: 29th April 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Mannaskin. Today’s featured product is Tangerine Vanilla Sandalwood Body Balm, made with tangerine and Shea Butters, essential oils of sandalwood, ylang and vanilla scent. Laurie Manna is the owner of Mannaskin. Aside from making natural skincare products, she also has taught yoga. Laurie feels like natural skincare is important since the skin… [read more]

Community Impact: A Sustainable Approach (Tabiasi Women’s Enterprise Centre)

[POSTED ON: 24th April 2019]

All community impact is not created equal. Charity and philanthropy are too often one and done, with minimal sustainable impact. Far better to create sustainable and replicable impact by aligning business, social and environmental impact, and by fostering local ownership and engagement. It is often much easier just to give something, bask in the appreciation and adoration of the recipient… [read more]

The Best Nipple Creams for Breastfeeding Mamas

[POSTED ON: 17th April 2019]

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, a time where mama and baby can truly bond. It is natural and pure (like handmade shea butter) and so important. Thankfully Western society is increasingly embracing it as natural, loving and publicly acceptable.   However, it isn’t always as easy as one may think. It’s a learning process, which can result in cracked, sore,… [read more]

Featured … from our hands … Savonnerie des Îles

[POSTED ON: 15th April 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Savonnerie des Îles. Featured today: Shower Melts Use these in the shower, under water. Take the shower melt in your hands and rub your body with it. When wet, it will create a milky lotion that will nourish your skin and keep it hydrated for 24 hours. Do not rinse. TIP for… [read more]

The Importance of Night Creams

[POSTED ON: 10th April 2019]

Night creams are not just for those of us who are worried about ageing. In fact, night creams are essential in keeping skin moisturized, young (yes, I said it), and radiant. But instead of investing in an expensive night cream that promises the moon and back… Why not create your own and reap the same benefits (and without any of… [read more]

Featured … from our hands … Greenpetal Soapworks

[POSTED ON: 1st April 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Greenpetal Soapworks. Their products are 100% Natural. Featured today: GARDEN PARTY – GARDEN HANDS – is a nourishing, creamy, scrubby bar that leaves hands soft. Organic Calendula, Chamomile & Dandelion infused in Olive Oil for 8 weeks. Local Honey, Colloidal Oatmeal, Cornmeal, Fine Pumice, Himalayan & Mineral Sea Salts. Everyone loves the… [read more]

Featured … from our hands to yours … Kiss Kiss Lipbalm for Kids

[POSTED ON: 25th March 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Kiss Kiss. Featured today: All natural lip balm for kids using fun flavours and bright colourful packaging. The majority of the artwork on the Kiss Kiss labels have been hand-drawn by a local artist. I like to think that Kiss Kiss has brought the fun + natural together. TIP for other Skincare… [read more]

Guided Tour of the new Baraka Website

[POSTED ON: 20th March 2019]

We are marching into March with a new website!  So exciting. Thanks to all of you that beta-tested it and thanks to our team who made it happen. It was the encouragement from many of you that led us to totally redoing the website.  So many of you said that our old site just wasn’t telling the story of Baraka… [read more]

Shea Butter Smells (and colours)

[POSTED ON: 11th March 2019]

Unrefined shea butter has natural colors and smells.  Learn more.  And beware any that promise consistent yellow color! There are two main causes of odor in shea butter.  The first is the smoky smell that some shea butter has.  In general, that means it is very fresh as the smoke comes from the open fires that traditional shea butter is… [read more]

Featured … from our hands to yours … Terrah Essentials

[POSTED ON: 11th March 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Terrah Essentials. From Bhie, the owner and founder…”My major influence growing up was my mother, she was a lover of beautiful things and the sole person who taught me about entrepreneurship. Growing up in a third world country, you learn to do a lot of things yourself and truly make use of… [read more]

Packaging that works

[POSTED ON: 6th March 2019]

Packaging has to work:  Looking good, informative, functional and helps sales. Don’t forget the environment!  Critical keys to packaging success. These are things to consider when creating packaging for your skincare products. You want the packaging to be appealing and informative. That beautiful container or bright label is the first thing that skin-care lovers will see, so you don’t want… [read more]

…from our hands to yours… Love Your Suds

[POSTED ON: 4th March 2019]

Love Your Suds was featured in one of our very first …from our hands to yours… features. That was a LONG time ago, so we wanted to be sure to feature them again. Their artisan creations are so beautiful, aren’t they? At Love Your Suds, their soaps are handmade in small batches using classic cold process techniques. Each batch is… [read more]

Sonia’s Self-Care Rituals for 2019

[POSTED ON: 27th February 2019]

Self-care is such a hot topic in 2019, and so important for our well-being. Whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually, self-care is an important part of being the best you. Taking time out of your day or your week for yourself and putting the needs of YOU before anyone else will rejuvenate and recharge your soul. So take a… [read more]

Featured … from our hands… Melatonic Society

[POSTED ON: 25th February 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Melatonic Society. Featured today: Melatonic 2:1 (cbd/thc) Topical Soothing Balm Everything Melatonic Society produces is organically-crafted from the ground up (literally) with loving care and hands-on attention. Their high-cbd, low thc cannabis strains are not only unique, they are grown in ‘living soil’ of a special vegan blend (no animal by-products) that… [read more]

From Shea Trees to Baraka Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 20th February 2019]

From Shea Trees to Baraka Shea Butter. Shea Trees to Shea Fruit to Shea Nuts to crushing, roasting, grinding, whipping, finishing, packaging and on to you.  A process that creates an amazing product, and impacts lives, families and communities along the way.  Learn more – and watch the video!

[read more]

More for All | Less for None:

[POSTED ON: 11th February 2019]

The Baraka Way More for all, less for none. You can have your cake, and eat it too. The Baraka value chain creates more value for the hard-working women who make Baraka Shea Butter and uses that to create more value for the amazing crafters who turn it into products that are so valuable for their customers. I’m sitting in… [read more]

Featured … from our hands… Uhuru Botanicals

[POSTED ON: 11th February 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Uhuru Botanicals . Uhuru means “Freedom” in the Kenyan dialect of Swahili. Uhuru Botanicals is a brand born out of a need to provide natural, affordable skincare products for women with melanin rich skin. When Neo, Uhuru Botaniclas founder decided to create and sell natural skincare products, she found it challenging to… [read more]

Valentines Day DIY Skincare

[POSTED ON: 6th February 2019]

Love is for life and so is your skin. Try these DIY Shea Butter gifts for your Valentine this year. Easy to make, great for their skin, and great for the hard-working women who make Baraka Shea Butter.

[read more]

The New Year Skin Detox

[POSTED ON: 30th January 2019]

It’s 2019, baby! Time for healthy, happy skin. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of the “out with the old, in with the new” mindset. Today, we are going to apply this to our skincare products.

[read more]

Featured … from our hands… Spruced Up Labrador

[POSTED ON: 28th January 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Spruced Up Labrador. The hand sculpted soap polar bear is made using Baraka Shea Butter as well as the soap “glacier” he’s sitting on. The shea butter makes lather exceptionally mild and creamy. Canadian glacial clay is swirled into the “glacier” and essential oils of peppermint leaf and spearmint gives your nose… [read more]

2019, a New Year. A New Opportunity?

[POSTED ON: 23rd January 2019]


Make 2019 your year of opportunity

How will your 2019 end? 
What is important for you this year?  Personally?  For your business?  For your community?  Why is it important? 
What steps can you take to make your important happen?

[read more]

2019 Skincare Goals (Happy Skin – Happy Year!)

[POSTED ON: 16th January 2019]

Better Skin, Better Me: 2019 body care resolutions. Simple (and easy) steps to happier skin, happier and healthier you for 2019. (learn how DIY tips & Shea Butter Recipes
It’s already 2019, can you believe it? So many of us are already making lists of New Year’s Resolutions, like going to the gym 3x a week, saving 20% more each month, and remembering to call mom more often. These are all GREAT, and surely, highly achievable. Well, they are great, and some will achieve them, but let’s be honest, they get tiring to carry out…

[read more]

Featured …from our hands… Hudson Soap Co.

[POSTED ON: 14th January 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature Hudson Soap Co. Hudson Soap Co. is located in Quebec, Canada and makes natural soap, lotion bars, aromatherapy rollers, bath bombs, lip balm. Every product is made with all natural ingredients. ??? If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We love to feature your beautiful creations and… [read more]

Shea Butter for Chapped Skin This Winter

[POSTED ON: 9th January 2019]

Winter weather is bad! Winter skin doesn’t have to be. Shea butter won’t keep you warm, but it can help to keep your skin happy and healthy. Alright, for most of us it’s officially winter. It’s either snowing, extremely windy, or the air is dry and chilly or raining and ugly. The first thing I notice when fall leaves (no… [read more]

Featured …from our hands… Bumblebee Soapworks

[POSTED ON: 7th January 2019]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Bumblebee Soapworks. You can find them on Instagram. The Bumblebee Soapworks mission is making natural affordable. Their handmade, natural soaps contain Shea Butter and are beautiful, aren’t they? ??? If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We love to feature your beautiful creations and learn about… [read more]


[POSTED ON: 31st December 2018]

Make 2019 Your Year of Purpose

Let #Purpose drive #profit, #impact, #results and sustainable competitive advantage.  And make your business and work more fun and enjoyable; for you, for your customers and your team.

[read more]


[POSTED ON: 24th December 2018]

It is Christmas Time. Let’s Celebrate it   Merry Christmas from all of us at the Baraka Shea Butter family.  Happy Holidays too, but, to be honest, I believe in calling holidays by their name and enjoying the celebration with respect, tolerance and inclusion.  So, IT IS MERRY CHRISTMAS On Muslim Holy Days I enjoy being greeted by Eid Mubarak… [read more]

Why Handmade Soap? Healthy, Amazing & More

[POSTED ON: 19th December 2018]

Handmade soap is Better, Better, Better, Better and Better! Works Better. Better for you. Better for the planet. Better for local economies because it supports artisans and small businesses. And, when it uses Baraka Shea Butter, every bar provides Better support to hard working women in northern Ghana. Believe it or not, most consumers have never used true handmade soap…. [read more]

From Our Hands Feature: natura-optima

[POSTED ON: 17th December 2018]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is (Switzerland) From the founder Daniel Schifferle… “I could tell you a lot about me and my company that I founded in 2007 but I will… keep it short. I am very experienced in import and export of everything that is mobile. I can do design work, online shop, marketing and more…. [read more]

REBATCH Magic! Save Soap, Save Money, Save Planet

[POSTED ON: 12th December 2018]

Rebatch can be magic, saving soap, saving you money and saving landfill and waste.  Learn more from the experience of Jaena Moynihan. Trial and error. This has been the journey of creating a new formulation for a “Perfect Skin” luxury face bar. But, who wants to toss perfectly good ingredients away? Not me! Butter-heavy soap bars are too valuable to… [read more]

Monday Feature: Me and Mow Soap

[POSTED ON: 10th December 2018]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Me & Mow Soap. Based on their small ethical farm in Australia, owner Ilaria and her 8 yr old daughter enjoy making these natural products including milk from their beloved pet goats and botanicals that they grow or source nearby. This beautiful story started when Mum and daughter started spending special time… [read more]

Giving Back: Pragmatic Ideas for Impact

[POSTED ON: 5th December 2018]

“How can I support my community and important causes? My business is small, and I can’t afford to constantly donate.”

Those of us in the handcrafted soap and cosmetics space and other small businesses struggle with this all the time. We believe that businesses of all types and sizes should contribute to the community good.

[read more]

Grainy Shea Ain’t Great: Let’s Fix Pronto!

[POSTED ON: 28th November 2018]

Grainy Sh*a Happens! Nobody likes it! But there is something we can do!

Why does grainy shea happen? It’s a cooling off thing – too slowly and it can crystalize. No big deal though. Simply remelt and recool (faster!)

[read more]

DIY Dynamo: Fuller Wallet, Healthier Skin, and Fun too!

[POSTED ON: 21st November 2018]

DIY Dynamo is you? Don’t read further if your wallet is too full, your skin too healthy and you never struggle with what gifts to give. OK, so you want more.  DIY skincare products made with pure, unrefined Baraka Shea Butter can save you money and make your skin and hair super happy.  They are easy and fun to create, make… [read more]

Shea Butter is Doubly Amazing!

[POSTED ON: 18th November 2018]

Shea Butter: Double Down for impact, benefit and more.  Happy, healthy skin AND healthy, happy families! Skin Impact AND Human Impact!  Amazing properties, and so much impact. Unrefined shea butter has amazing skin care properties.  A quick google search will yield all sorts of claims and testimonials about its healing, regenerative and restorative qualities.  A look at some past blogs including… [read more]

Treat Yourself to a Natural Pedicure

[POSTED ON: 16th November 2018]

Happy Feet connect to Happy Body. Learn to pamper your foundation and get your feet dancing for joy! Our feet hold us up all day long every day, no wonder they get tired and sore! Taking care of your feet should be a priority. They deserve to be pampered, don’t you think? One way that you can take care of… [read more]

Using Baraka Shea Butter in My 60’s

[POSTED ON: 31st October 2018]

Smooth, supple skin well into your 60’s? Sign us up! Kathleen Chopra shares her story with us about how Baraka Shea Butter has given new life and energy to her 60-year old skin. Hi fellow Baraka lovers! Kathie, here. It’s apparent that this magic butter does wonders to prevent youthful skin from aging, and that’s great! But, what about skin… [read more]

Why Use Shea Butter in Soap … Tips and More!

[POSTED ON: 24th October 2018]

“Shea Butter makes the best soap!”  We hear that from many soapmakers who love its effect on hardening, curing, lathering and the natural goodness it brings. Shea Butter is also easily absorbed by the human body, moisturizing skin and hair naturally without the need for artificial chemicals.  It adds a creamy, richness to the soap that many of them say they… [read more]

Benefits Of Using Raw Shea Butter On Dry Skin

[POSTED ON: 17th October 2018]

Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter to the rescue!  Dry skin can be uncomfortable and at times painful. Not only is it annoying, frustrating and irritating to deal with, but it can have a long term impact, such as the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Natural, unrefined Shea Butter, with its abundance of natural goodness, is an excellent way to combat… [read more]

Colours of Baraka Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 10th October 2018]

Shea Butter ranges in colour from gray/white through to buttery yellow. The properties of the shea butter are not affected by colouration. The colours are caused by several factors; the mineral content of the soil where the shea tree it came from grows, the time of the crop (seeds from early shea fruit seem to produce more yellowish coloured shea… [read more]

Spread Holiday Cheer with These Skincare DIY’s

[POSTED ON: 3rd October 2018]

IY skin care products are a great way to share love and energy over Christmas. You get the fun of making something healthy and useful that makes a totally personalized gift. And, when you use Baraka Shea Butter you give a gift to the women and families who make too. A really Holiday win win win! The holidays are right… [read more]

The Chemistry of Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 26th September 2018]

Interested in learning more about the science behind what gives Shea Butter its  sun protection qualities? Thanks to Amanda from Realize Beauty, you can learn right here. So, here we go! Shea Butter Butters by definition melt at somewhere around 40C and in Shea Butter, the chemical that helps keep what would otherwise be an oil buttery is Stearic acid. Stearic… [read more]

The Perfect Facial Care Routine

[POSTED ON: 19th September 2018]

Is there really such thing as the perfect  Facial Care Routine? Perhaps not. However, we definitely believe that it is important to care for your skin and especially the skin on your face daily. Some professionals recommend different regimes according to your skin type, however the key elements that should be a part of almost everyone’s routine are: cleanse tone exfoliate… [read more]

The True Meaning of ‘Natural’ … and More!

[POSTED ON: 12th September 2018]

We hear so many terms thrown around the skincare industry, the most popular and ‘trendy’ being NATURAL. But what exactly does it mean, and how regulated are these ‘natural’ skincare products? The term natural is NOT actually regulated, and in fact, can have a multitude of definitions. Both companies and consumers have different standards of what natural means to them and… [read more]

Transparency, Emerging Social Media Issue

[POSTED ON: 29th August 2018]

How authentic and transparent is your brand and your interests? Transparency is becoming a big issue. Important for customers, stakeholders and therefore for business of all types. There is an interesting report in Social Media Today on the Importance of transparency in brand communications on social media. The article resonated with a lot of what I advise and write on in my role… [read more]

Some Favorite Shea Butter DIYs

[POSTED ON: 22nd August 2018]

By now, you have probably heard of Shea Butter: the hair and skin superfood. Anyone who has ever incorporated it into their skincare routine will tell you the results are incredible! Besides its ultra-nourishing and moisturizing advantages, it can also help with skin inflammation, skin disorders, stretch marks, scars, sunburns, crows feet, fine lines, and more! The list is endless… [read more]

How to Soothe a Sunburn with Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 14th August 2018]

While fall is quickly approaching, summer still lingers and so do beach-goers who head towards the coast to surf the waves, snorkel the depths, and tan on the most gorgeous beaches. I was recently in San Diego, where the sun was flaming hot and gave me an unappealing farmers tan. Along with that farmers tan, I was unlucky enough to experience the… [read more]

How to Protect Yourself While Making Soap

[POSTED ON: 8th August 2018]

Making soap is a beautiful and creative process. However, when making your own soap, you must also be extremely careful when using Sodium hydroxide, otherwise known as LYE. We have heard of a few very scary soap-making stories gone wrong, so this article is meant to remind you just how dangerous lye can be as well as some measures to put… [read more]

Baraka’ing Through Summer

[POSTED ON: 1st August 2018]

Wandering through summer information about our efforts to help our customers sell more, do more and impact more. I’m excited about the impact we (all of us, you too) are having as we build a business and value-chain that has positive impact from the women who make Baraka Shea Butter, those of you who make incredible products with it, and… [read more]

Shea Butter, Oil, and Cream – OH MY!

[POSTED ON: 25th July 2018]

Did you know that Shea can actually be experienced in three different forms? Shea Butter, Shea Oil, and Shea Cream. I, personally, had no idea even though I am a long time Shea Butter enthusiast. The three forms are NOT created equal, they are great for DIFFERENT purposes. But don’t worry, I’m going to break it down for you, so… [read more]

Using Shea Butter to Care For Your Hair

[POSTED ON: 17th July 2018]

Do you have unmanageable hair? Using Shea Butter in hair care products is becoming more and more popular. Why? One of the top reasons is that it has been known for its ability to soften frizzy hair and make it more manageable. Shea Butter applied to the hair helps to prevent the hair from drying out and becoming brittle, a common problem… [read more]

Shea Butter – The Bliss Today

[POSTED ON: 11th July 2018]

Do we ever buy any beauty or skin product because it has a particular ingredient which is trending these days? Do we actually know the ingredients, the pros/cons? Well, Shea Butter is a trending ingredient these days, and I am going to shed some light on how we can effectively use it. Shea Butter, in its natural, unrefined state, with… [read more]

Value Chains that Create Value: Your Purchase Makes a Difference

[POSTED ON: 4th July 2018]

Baraka was founded on the belief that we could organize a business value chain that would create benefit all the way along, from the producers through to our end users, and would do it in a way that would benefit all of us, including the founders and operators of Baraka. I think we are getting there. Not perfect by a… [read more]

10-Minute “Rawmazing” DIY Shea Butter Lotions

[POSTED ON: 27th June 2018]

Alright, I don’t have too much spare time in my average day anymore. However, one thing I do make time for is making DIY skincare products. I find that the chemicals and parabens in store-bought creams and lotions make my skin super irritated (yes, I am a sensitive gal). I also love a minimalist lifestyle, so I refuse to add… [read more]

Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

[POSTED ON: 20th June 2018]

People have been concerned with beauty since the beginning of time. Using natural ingredients such as Shea Butter and honey to achieve a flawless look is not a new concept. With the passage of time and advanced technology, we now have a variety of options to choose from. And, while many stores are filled with products that contain synthetic based… [read more]

12 Ideas for Better Self Care

[POSTED ON: 12th June 2018]

Awareness of how much (or in many cases, how little) time we are spending on self care is increasing drastically these days. Whether you are a parent, an entrepreneur or perhaps simply living a full time life, self care is important, wouldn’t you agree? Why is self care so important? The foundation of self care begins with your connection to… [read more]

I’m Off To Kperisi, Ghana for a Month

[POSTED ON: 6th June 2018]

And I’m off… to Kperisi.   As you are reading this I am just arriving in the community where Baraka Shea Butter is made. And for a bit longer than normal – so be ready for a blizzard of posts and photos…from my hands to your screen…   (OK, not as exciting as getting the Kperisi Women’s amazing Baraka Shea Butter direct… [read more]

Naturally Diminish Stretch Marks with Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 31st May 2018]

Stretch marks. Whether you are a teenager who grew five inches in a summer or a mama-to-be in her last trimester of pregnancy, you may wind up finding a few on your stomach, legs, or back. While they aren’t harmful to your health, many people will seek out treatments to diminish or get rid of them altogether. So, you may… [read more]

Shea Butter: The Benefits of this Skin Superfood

[POSTED ON: 23rd May 2018]

Shea Butter. Even the name sounds luxurious and rejuvenating! This creamy, rich superfood originates from the nuts of the Shea Tree and is packed with Vitamin A, E, and F, and provides moderate UV protection. Similar to Argan Oil, Shea Butter was originally used by African woman to keep their skin supple, moisturized, and healthy. Since then, it is included… [read more]

Treat Yourself to a Natural Manicure

[POSTED ON: 17th May 2018]

We use our hands for so many jobs throughout the day; we wash, we work, we cook, we craft, we create, we carry, we drive, you get the picture! If you are tired just reading that list, imagine how your hands feel! Taking care of your hands should be a priority. One way that you can take care of your… [read more]

How to Use Shea Butter

[POSTED ON: 10th May 2018]

Shea Butter has a number of properties that make it beneficial for your skin and hair. It has become a popular ingredient of choice in many beauty, skincare, hair and cosmetic products because of it’s healing, soothing and nourishing properties.   Shea Butter can be used in variety of ways: Dry Skin For some of us, dry skin is a massive… [read more]

From Our Hands Feature: Hudson Soap Co.

[POSTED ON: 7th January 2018]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Hudson Soap Co. You can find them on Instagram. Hudson Soap Co. is located in Quebec, Canada and makes natural soap, lotion bars, aromatherapy rollers, bath bombs, lip balm. Every product is made with all natural ingredients. ??? If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We… [read more]

From Our Hands Feature: Bumblebee Soapworks

[POSTED ON: 7th January 2018]

This week’s ?? …from our hands…?? feature is Bumblebee Soapworks, you can find them over on Instagram. The Bumblebee Soapworks mission is making natural affordable. Their handmade, natural soaps contain Shea Butter and are beautiful, aren’t they? ??? If you create products using Shea Butter, we want to hear from you! We love to feature your beautiful creations and learn… [read more]

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