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Kombo Butter Sore Muscle Salve

[POSTED ON: 23rd July 2021]

We ran a contest to find new recipes featuring our kombo butter. Here is the winning recipe from Melissa at Airmid Holistics. Ingredients 3oz Baraka Kombo Butter2oz Herb Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil2 Tbsp BeeswaxEssential Oils (if desired)Menthol Crystals (if desired Instructions 1. Prepare your infused olive oil first! Combine 1 cup Arnica Montana flowers, 1/2 cup Comfrey leaves, & 1/4… [read more]

Kombo Butter and Baraka Impact Interview

[POSTED ON: 28th June 2020]

Learn how Baraka has partnered with NCRC (Nature Conservation Research Centre) to develop the Kombo Nut as an income generation and ecosystem conservation activity for women and families in Ghanaian villages. Kombo Butter, which has amazing pain relief and other natural qualities, is made from the seed/nut of the Kombo Tree.  The Kombo Tree grows naturally in cocoa forests, producing… [read more]

The Kombo Butter Story

[POSTED ON: 1st February 2020]

Kombo Butter is Amazing and so is its story. Watch, listen and learn about the Kombo Tree and fruit in the cocoa forests in this livestream shot in the Cocoa/Kombo forest. Known as African Nutmeg, they grow naturally in the Cocoa Forests, providing shade and diversity to the Cocoa crops and now starting to provide additional income to the hard… [read more]

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