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Collecting Coconuts for Baraka Coconut Oil

The first step in creating virgin coconut oil is collecting the coconuts. Ripe coconuts fall naturally from the trees so that Mrs Blessings can collect them. She owns a small coconut farm with her husband. Purchasing coconut oil from Baraka helps to support and provide income to Mrs Blessings and her community. Shop Coconut Oil

Baraka Baobab Powder Review

Power up your day with baobab powder ? Peter has been using Baraka’s baobab powder for the last couple of weeks. Check out how he uses it to make a difference in his daily life. Baobab has quickly become one of the most sought-after ‘superfoods’. Derived from the majestic baobab trees that are native to northern Ghana, the fruit dries… [read more]

Celebrating Eid/Sallah – Breaking the Fast with Chief

I try every year to be in northern Ghana at the end of Ramadan.  I enjoy the love, joy and celebration that permeates this special time, and we always try to have special treats for the children. In this video I am breaking the Fast with the Chief, sharing traditional food with them in a centuries old ritual. EID/Sallah, the… [read more]

Kombo Butter and Baraka Impact Interview

Learn how Baraka has partnered with NCRC (Nature Conservation Research Centre) to develop the Kombo Nut as an income generation and ecosystem conservation activity for women and families in Ghanaian villages. Kombo Butter, which has amazing pain relief and other natural qualities, is made from the seed/nut of the Kombo Tree.  The Kombo Tree grows naturally in cocoa forests, producing… [read more]

Village Market Walkthrough

Market days in rural Ghanaian villages are always interesting.   Women and traders come from all over with their wares.  What they’ve grown, what they’ve made, traditional medicines and crafts and more. Market days are even more interesting when you have someone local who can tell you what things are, what they are for and how they are used. Follow along… [read more]

Baraka Cocoa Butter Bits

Cocoa Butter is great, except when you have to break a block of it into usable sized pieces so you can measure it for your recipes. Watch as Baraka co-Founder Wayne shows how Baraka Cocoa Butter bits are made (and waves around a big knife!) #KnowYourProducts – a series of informational posts about Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm… [read more]

Making Black Soap

Black Soap is an incredible product that is just starting to be known and used in North America Ghanaian women have been making black soap with shea butter for generations.  Taught by their mothers and grandmothers as they were growing up, Ghanaian women make and use black soap. Follow along in this video as we interview Amina Yussif and she… [read more]

Girls playing football (very well)

I love the wild abandon and joy of kids playing.  It is universal and always brings a smile to my face and lightness to my heart. You don’t need a formal team and field.  Watch these kids play football (soccer) on bare dirt with a ball made with tape and whatever they can find. And, notice all the girls playing… [read more]

Making a Mortar and Pestle

An elder hand-making a pestle for use in a large mortar and pestle. A lot of work. Amazing craftsmanship passed down through generations. A mortar and pestle is used extensively in cooking and processing in Shea Forest communities. In fact, the traditional way to make shea butter involved crushing the seeds in a large mortar and pestle and then grinding… [read more]

The Kombo Butter Story

Kombo Butter is Amazing and so is its story. Watch, listen and learn about the Kombo Tree and fruit in the cocoa forests in this livestream shot in the Cocoa/Kombo forest. Known as African Nutmeg, they grow naturally in the Cocoa Forests, providing shade and diversity to the Cocoa crops and now starting to provide additional income to the hard… [read more]

Packing Shea Butter from our hands to yours

Packing Hand-Crafted Shea Butter: From Our Hands to Yours Watch as Barak Shea Butter is hand-packed, with every handful inspected, for quality. Baraka Shea Butter is 100% hand-crafted using traditional methods and processes passed down through generations. When it is finished and ready for packing into the cartons that will ship to Canada and then to our customers, every handful… [read more]

Traditional Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter has been used for making soap for centuries. Women living in the Shea Forest on the edge of the Sahara have learned how to make it from their mothers and grandmothers and, in turn, have taught their daughters and granddaughters. Techniques and learning, passed down through generations. In this video Amina Yussif, discussed traditional Shea Butter Soap, how… [read more]

Picking Shea: A shortie from the Shea Forest

Picking Shea: A shortie from the Shea Forest Join us live from the Shea Forest as we watch women and families from Tabiasi (a community near Wa in northern Ghana) picking and eating shea fruit, a first step in turning this natural treasure into Baraka Shea Butter. Listen as @Alfred Akolgo, Baraka’s Country Manger describes the work they are doing… [read more]

Fruit Happens: Story of Shea Butter

Fruit Happens! Every year. Shea trees blossom in January and fruits start to form and by late April they are ripening and falling from the trees. Great fun, great treat and great for the women and the local economy. This video is the second in an ongoing series that Wayne Dunn of Baraka Shea Butter is putting together to help… [read more]

Introduction to the Story of Shea Butter

Shea Butter. You’ve heard of it. Maybe you use it and work with it. But, do you know the story? How it is made? The women, children, families and communities that make it (and depend on it). How they live. This video introduces an ongoing series that Wayne Dunn of Baraka Shea Butter is putting together to help people learn… [read more]

Baraka Palm Oil – Interview with Benso General Manager

Baraka Palm Oil – Interview with Avaala Awonnea Interview with one of Baraka’s Palm Oil partners.  Avaala Awonnea, General Manager of Benso Oil Palm Plantation, a key partner in Baraka’s Palm Oil Supply Chain.  He discusses the company’s operation and commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship with Baraka founder Wayne Dunn Benso, is certified by the Round Table on… [read more]

Welcome Dance

I love the energy that the women bring to work, meetings and life. The joy and abandon of the dancing and celebrating is contagious. Watch as the women who make Baraka Shea Butter dance to open a meeting and see the women using traditional instruments to support them. Turn up the sound and listen as Amina Yussif explains the Welcome… [read more]

Asungtaaba Basket Group Sharing Fund

Women self-organize into work and support groups at the community level throughout northern Ghana and, indeed, in many other areas of the world. These groups fulfill important social, economic and community functions and have evolved a way or working, organizing and collaborating over generations. Unfortunately, they are too often ‘improved’ by well-meaning outsiders and formal structures and procedures put in… [read more]

Coconut Sustainability: waste to organic planting pots

Baraka and its partner Ava Virgin Coconut take great care to bring as much sustainability, as little waste and as much impact as possible to their work. This video shows how the traditional coconut industry leaves piles of husks in the growing area, taking land away from food, making an eyesore and providing a breeding ground for snakes.

[watch video]

Tabiasi Women’s Enterprise Centre

A live walkthrough of the Tabiasu Women’s Enterprise Centre with Alfred Akolgo, Baraka’s Country Manager. You can see the women using the facility for the preparation of Shea Nuts (seeds) as we discuss the centre, why we built it, how it will be used and the impact it is already having.

[watch video]

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