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Kombo Balm Recipe

Kombo Balm Recipe

Easy to make, this recipe features kombo butter. It’s high in myristoleic acid so helps to soothe muscle and joint pain.


15g Beeswax
10g Baraka Cocoa Butter
30g Baraka Kombo Butter
45ml Sweet Almond Oil
20g Baraka Shea Butter


  1. Heat your double boiler, or make your own using a glass bowl over a pot filled one-third with water and heat on the stove.
  2. Measure out and melt the beeswax pellets in the double boiler.
  3. Once melted, measure out and add the cocoa butter.

4. Measure out your kombo butter and sweet almond oil before adding to the double boiler.

5. Add the shea butter and mix all the ingredients together until they are melted.

6. Pour into your container. Allow to cool and set.

Apply the balm to any sore joints and muscles. Enjoy!

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